In support of solidarity and diversity

United against racism and discrimination in Germany, Europe and the world!

The fight against racism, right-wing extremism and the eradication of discrimination remain a core issue in our society. Unequal treatment in companies and administrations, racist graffiti or right-wing slogans at the workplace or at school occur in all places time and again.

Everyone is equal! But some people are still being discriminated against, persecuted or even killed just because of the colour of their skin, their origin or sexual orientation. We cannot and will not take this lying down.

That is why campaigns against discrimination and racism are always a good idea.

Our association “Don’t harass my mate!” (Mach’ meinen Kumpel nicht an! – für Gleichbehandlung, gegen Rassismus e.V.), also known as the Yellow Hand and the Buddy Association, is part of the commitment of trade unions against racism, right-wing extremism and discrimination and in favour of equal treatment, diversity and solidarity. It was founded in 1986 by the youth organisation of the trade unions in the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB) as a trade union response to the rapidly spreading racism of the 1980s.

The Yellow Hand aims to establish a fundamental attitude in the world of work: a personal commitment against racism and in favour of respectful personal interaction based on acceptance. Since its foundation, the association has been employing diverse projects and measures to motivate and mobilise colleagues to get involved in the fight against racism and the Right in the workplace. It has been campaigning in favour of work against racism and education on democracy as part of in-company and vocational school training. Above all, the Yellow Hand remains what it was from the very beginning: the trade union symbol against racism and the Right, against hatred and violence.

Our educational services serve to support trade union branches, staff and works councils, bodies of shop stewards, youth and trainee representatives, trainers and vocational school teachers with regard to their commitment and work on site. They include events, lectures, workshops, educational materials, publications, online databases and the production of teaching materials for vocational schools and training companies.